It  has become evident now that the age of cheap oil that fueled the  American economic explosion of the 20th century has left with the  last bus out of town. In its absence, the pragmatist amongst us  recognize that we will never again replicate those growth figures,  and in the face of our bloated public debts and perpetually  increasing budget deficit, coupled with our now mainly service led  economy, the effects of globalization and the relocation of our  manufacturing centers outside of the country, we are facing a very  credible threat of economic failure, or at the very least, a lengthy  period of negative growth.

Our current  economic model requires an extensive makeover, our failed policies  need a rewrite and our need for an economic giant to lead us out of  this quagmire is dire. To quote the words of the Clinton War Room  personnel, “It’s the economy stupid!”. This will most probably  be the single most defining issue of the coming presidential race.


• Giving tax cuts to businesses to encourage growth and hiring of more workers.

• Abolish marriage penalty and death tax and advocate further tax cuts.

• The economy will improve when the government stops interfering in business matters.  Businesses should not be curtailed by excessive government regulations.

•  In order to get more jobs we need to change our thinking and adaptation. We cannot just bring back jobs that are no longer there so we must create new ones. This means changing our thinking and careers.

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