Following the Al-Qaeda organized 9/11 attacks on American soil in 2001, the United States invaded Afghanistan with the primary objective of capturing the Al-Qaeda leader. Almost ten years later, after defeating the theocratic Taliban and appointing an interim government, with the assistance of NATO-ISAF and a hodge-podge collection of nations, the United States appears no closer to leaving the country.

More  disconcertingly however, was the recent report issued by the  Congressional Research Service. Since the commencement of the war,  the actual military cost of the war on terror has reached a whopping  $1.1 trillion dollars, with $455 million spent in Afghanistan alone.  Although down from a high of 149 thousand during the peak of  invasion, the current troop count of 98 thousand is still taxing the  nation’s resources severely. However, withdrawal of our troops from  Afghanistan will open up the floodgates for the extremist and  remnants of the Al-Qaeda to rebuild and consolidate their power  there, a potentially deadlier alternative in the long run.


• Deploying troops in Afghanistan threatens our national security.

• Our military presence around the world is bankrupting us.

• When Afghanistan die because of our troops’ actions it angers the Muslims, who understandably want to retaliate.

• We should mind our own business and let others mind theirs.  This will make the country more secure and help save our economy.

• We should withdraw from Afghanistan as soon as possible.

• Giving a withdrawal date was “a stupid mistake”.

• Now that the Taliban knows when the U.S. will withdraw, they will merely wait for us to go and re-take the country.

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