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At  its very essence, a republican believes that the rights of an  individual is paramount to the well being of a nation, so long as it  doesn’t trampled on the rights of another individual, whereas a  democrat believes that the collective welfare of the society is the  most crucial aspect of a country, and is prepared to forfeit the  individual for the sake of the country.

Therein  lies the crux of the controversy behind the Health Care Reform Bill  which was signed by President Barack Obama on March 23rd, 2010. While  the Democrats aims to expand the coverage of the plans to as many  Americans as possible, the Republicans are aghast at the socialistic  nature of the bill, where redistribution of costs is seen as  ultimately punishing the privileged.


• I would provide more federal funding for health and nutrition education.

• The medical system requires amend and reformed.

• Health care is about getting help when you need it. There has to be a way to help everyone without ripping off half the population. We just have to find it and not have it shoved down our throats. It isn’t something that can be decided in a month or a year, it will take time.

• Forcing someone to get insurance or fining them if they don't is just wrong. Its beyond wrong really. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need insurance though because people would help you because they can. But then we are nowhere near a perfect world.

• You can’t force people to go to the doctor or make them take medication, goes back to the whole personal choice and civil liberties.

• It’s not right to want to charge the healthy more money.

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